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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 11, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> discussions on the candidates, many have withdrawn 2024 and 22 for the different games. many european have withdrawn. paris is the only that is left in the competition. , we wanted to think about the situation and engage in a process that will produce only winners. the preceding bids letter to too many losers. too many losers.
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we support.ess notably, lostage, angeles, the fact we have a friendly relationship and work with the network, a very large network, the c4 to network of which i am the president, we bring the largest cities in the world, it will be key to finding the path to producing three winners. disposal were at the and at inside of the olympic committee which was right to raise the question of how to engage in a dialogue that is a new approach, a new procedure for selecting the winning city. television, different
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cities, warsaw, krakow, switzerland have withdrawn. why as a performance president have you been supporting paris' bid? >> it is easy to mobilize people against things but it's a good thing to mobilize people for things. i think the olympic games are good for paris, and the region, and the country as a whole. because of the games will show what we can do. the games will show the level of sport of france in terms of infrastructure, friends will position is self as a global -- it herself as a global -- itself as a global standard. if we are chosen for the olympic games, which i hope we will, it
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will help the whole of the country in favor of sports. haveports federation, we volunteers who will organize themselves to prepare for the event. it is a wonderful way of mobilizing. it is an important component of our vision of society which i wish to defend for the true sport as a somebody said wonderfully in the earlier presentation, the true sport you can integrate society and break down barriers. would you support a project, it frees people economically and socially and is important component. i want this idea to be spread across the whole of the country and i think these games are important in a vacuum regard. -- in that regard. and also from the economic point
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of view, there are 30 million tourists who visit in paris and 20 million visit the paris region. absolutey have an excellent level but would be to improve our infrastructure for tourists even more. it is very important event and for our economy. and also a moral aspect to this. good for a country's more rally to mobilize itself for something of this nature. to i think i'm citizens want -- i think our citizens want to be proud of the country and proud of supporting such a project with the values it embodies. all of the generosity, open-mindedness and environmental and social requirements.
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the very fact i was elected a few weeks ago is a manifestation of the french determination for a fresh start. in this context, it's a temperature of -- temperature -- caricature of france. i think we are prepared and the time is right. french citizens, young and elderly are in favor of this. millions of citizens were out in the streets demonstrating against the game, instead, they were demonstrating in favor of the games. president and madam television hasn expressed certain concerns about
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paris,ity in france, in what will be done to ensure such a large-scale event? honestly, we do not have to answer any questions about security in our presentation. in the discussions i had yesterday, i presented an organization, a lot work has been done by the whole team on eliminating any doubts about terrorism, it is a global risk. every part of the world is affected. -- paris, france has been adversely affected but we have made reforms to our security forces, intelligence services and more reforms. they were made by my predecessors in security.
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10,000 extra police will be hired in the next 2 years. we have special expertise on this area. after the paris attacks that we effectedfrom, it has all of the towns of the world. we have continued organizing defense details since the paris thecks, the paris marathon, euro soccer tournament, the cup in 21, the summit conference, and it is safe. weref the events successful and particularly successful in terms of security. in theseeated that soccer tournament, they euro 2016, there were millions of people that attended and other
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were no incidents. we mobilize a greater number of security forces and show we have the know-how and expertise. >> may i add a personal comment? paris has been through a great ordeal in to the 15 when we went through a terrible ordeal -- 2015 when we went through a terrible ordeal. it made mehe events, commit paris to the game. games areget to these a sort of hope for our youth, they are useful for french eu -- of thend the youth suburbs. many people born in other parts of the world who need to feel they are part of the city which it shows they belong to our community to a national
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community. and finally, the question of security, it didn't, simply because we showed that we know how to meet those standards, meet the required standards as the president has just said. , as aering security result of the terrorist attacks as something that would prevent us from celebrating the values, the humanist values of the country because that country has had to suffer some terrorist attacks would be giving the terrorists a victory. parislding the games and shows -- in paris shows that the terrorists have not won and it will give hope to people and reunite people and have a great benefit and societal and social terms.
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this is very important. beyond that, there is hope of coming together around a unifying project and also one of the reasons why i put my trust in tony and his team. and the great olympic champion, we remembered why we had failed in the previous attempt them in the previous bid, we knew what we had to do this time to win. bidoon as we had decided to again as mentioned today, -- for the reasons mentioned today and this conviction we wish to share to french people. for people who say it is expensive and of no use, it is useful. and the leaders into a future
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that will be better in the past. the futurep saying will not be better than the past. >> one last question. mentionede press, you this, madam, you have just and the economy is not is not flourishing. and, truly, the taxpayers will have to pay up for these olympic games. on the this topic? >> you can decide to say everything is going to back. we know there are challenges. we are rising to the challenges. we know how long it takes to rise to such challenges. i what it be the president -- i would not of the president because people expected us to respond to the challenges of the
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day in a different way. indeed, the government with regards to budgetary issues, reform is taking its accountability and is facing up to reality. there are economies to be made, savings to be made, but also investments. it would be a 50 billion euro investment plan, which will change french society. project, ito this is characteristic which explains why i supported it even when i was a minister, it is based on what exists. 95% of the infrastructure already exists. we are not going to build with this project. the budgetary process is very
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limited and all the local government officials in the paris region will also be contributing and the president's is here and she is supporting this and investing in it. the central bank is investing. the payoff for our economy, i think, it will become contributing almost one billion euros, much greater than in the past because first cents of ofponsibility -- sense responsibility to rely on existing infrastructure. organizations, we have a good transport system, we have a transport system that is recognized as being excellent on a worldwide scale. all by other projects local authorities in support of enhancing our facilities.
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i think it is a really good project. from aot unreasonable budgetary point of view. investments that the country needs. cost-cutting does not mean not investing. is strength of these games the spirit of the olympics, on the 23rd of june, we saw this. supporters, and it brings paralym olympics and pics. these games are very inclusive games. the appropriate infrastructure, the selection, it is integrated approach. it shows by giving every citizen his or her place across the whole of society that these
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games will be successful. >> thank you very much. we do not have time for any more questions. host: welcome back to "france 24 " newsroom. we have brought you live coverage of the international olympic committee headquarters. the french president and his team have been reiterating their support for paris' 2024 olympic candidacy. let's talk more about this with the sports esther -- editable joins me. a very clever message by it may
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will macron. french people are ready for these 2024 games. -- the sports editor joins me. >> he presented himself as it is simple, the embodiment -- as the symbol, the embodiment of the 2024 bid. he mentioned the citizens and say i represent the citizens of france and paris and with me, they are supporting the bid. he showed himself as a symbol of the political support of the 2024 bid has received. it has been wide ranging from left to right, everybody involved has supported the bid, the socialist mayor, who was sitting there next to the paris mayor and the republican, the president of the paris regional who has been involved and was sitting at this table but did not speak. support andical
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that is what he was trying to convey. he also mentioned even though he is not an actually, he mentioned wide-ranging support of athletes and former athletes. the cochairman of the past 2024 bid is a former athlete, a former olympic champion as the minister of sports, a former olympic champion, she is also in lausanne. it is athletes, citizens, politicians, every body united. host: unity is a word that macron used several times. you would not know and i was saying it off camera, los angeles is essentially in the race for the 2024 games. no mention of los angeles but a confident staunch of paris going forward. >> and he did mention, president emmanuel macron said, he
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mentioned the support and how it was nice to see people uniting in something positive to support something rather than united against something. it was really a huge difference between the tone of this paris conference and the tone of the l.a. press conference. as you said, no mention ofas yoo thank you. at
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>> in iraq, sustained gunfire heard breaking got over the country's second-largest city of mosul and these are live pictures, a day after government forces declared victory over islamic state who claimed the city. when amnesty international accused iraqi forces and islamic state militants as violating international humanitarian law which they say may amount to war crimes. fighting on, thousands of iraqis have been killed leaving one million -- it is colossal.
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we bring you this report. once -- ruins, mountains of rubble is all that is left of west mosul and will take years to rebuild and millions of dollars. for those who lived under islamic rule states, there is an economic toll. >> they are highly traumatized living under is. what they have been going through and not having food or water or anything, including children and women, it has been terrible. >> manning who are able to fully 5 -- many who were able to flee fighting, millions left. mosul have to overcome a humanitarian crisis. 700,000 children -- people displaced.
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>> we have to close the gap. jobs, and provide government for the people. if we do not do that, we will not come back. nearly 38 organizations have issued a joint call asking for international soap court to rebuild the city. efforts expected to cost $1 billion. -- a joint call asking for international support to rebuild the city. host: now to business news. the leaders of the eurozone meet in brussels and tuesday. more business headlines. >> they will be discussing france's deficit and the recent bailout of three different lenders. the deals were approved by european regulators but have
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been criticized by german finance minister and a set of your government failed to heed the lessons of the financial issue. others said it is more stable. >> i am very happy that the tyra banks -- that the italian banks are having the problems dealt with and authorities are taking actions. it is crucial. the only way to getting the italian economy going is by making the banks healthy first. host: talk us through the markets. william: about midday and indices across europe in the grade. the ftse and cac are dipping down into the red it now. dax is up about 0.25%. that is me today in europe. time to look at some of the other big head lines. -- headlines from companies like uber should pay their workers a full range of benefits.
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they rely on flexible working environments but critics say it is manipulation. they said it would create --lions of dollars in president donald trump is said for thea vice-chairman fed. it had never been filled. the administration is keen on easing banking regulations. mexican autos to the u.s. increased compared to the same period last year. 250,000 vehicles come at a time when the trump administration aims to negotiate deals with mexico and canada. tryingome companies are to turn -- into dollars.
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sleep debt -- sleep technology is growing in the u.s. and some are not possess it works at all. >> insufficient sleep is a very one third of americans do not get enough sleep. a study put the financial loss to companies at $411 billion and we are seeing tracking your patterns and thence to adjust to you twist -- beds to adjust how you twist and turn. trying to turn your snores and two dollars. >> it may not look that comfortable but the business behind this headband has raised $11 billion -- $11 million, the investor showing faith and sleep technology. >> you think sounds, we can modulate the region of the brain to get more sleep. after the first baby monitors, business have showed
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people are willing to splash out on sleep attack. this pillow claims to build a vibrant to stopping you to -- stop you from snoring is $300. willing to invest more because it will hopefully help me fall asleep quicker to stay asleep longer and be more arrested when i wake up. , a largeing to a study chunk of the working population in five countries is not good enough sleep. this costs billion dollars in gdp. in the u.s., it is estimated to cost $411 billion loss in productivity. experts are excited by the medical possibilities but warning the public not to expect miracles. , to helplying on them with solving a sleep problem or determining how much sleep they have had. >> studies show for better
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sleep, individuals should set to -- assistant wake-up times set consistent wake-up times and limit electronic devices and before sleep and exercise. host: a look at the pope mobile. >> is for pope francis visit in colombia. general motors is building three chevrolet suvs. they were chosen because they fit the vatican. they will provide a glass cover so people can see the pontiff. 360air that can rotate degrees and since the pope will be standing most of the time, the floors will be ergonomic in stark contract to pope benedict who drove around in a mercedes-benz. donning a sombrero in mexico. host: i was about to ask you if a those stores will be glass. a chinese startup learned of the
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old adage when it rains, it pours. >> a bit of a sad story. a company that launched in april, a set up,
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